Number one question to ask…

Many clients have concerns about investing in any type of laser treatment.  As a consumer myself, I always want to know the in’s and out’s of anything I pay for. At Soft Touch Laser, we strive to answer all your questions during your free consultation so you feel 100% comfortable trusting us with your skin.

This is the main question that clients should have an accurate answer to before getting treatment.

1. Will all my hair be gone after treatment?

The answer is no. Unfortunately there is no way that even the best technology can rid your body of hair 100%.  If someone tells you they can get rid off ALL your hair, you should seek treatment elsewhere.  However, evidence does show that lasers can produce results up to 90% hair reduction.  How many treatments and how well the treatment works will depend on the individual, hormones, type of hair, and areas being treated.



5 Reasons to Visit Soft Touch Laser

1. Soft Touch Laser can and will make your life easier. Can you imagine not shaving? No more razor bumps!

2. Our location is so convenient, we are inside Headlines Salon, so you can have less hair and get a massage or a hair cut on the same trip. Who’s not up for that?!

3. Our prices are very affordable. Having less hair or less skin damage isn’t as expensive as you think, but you have to see us to believe us.

4. ME!!! My name is Rayna and I am very passionate about my services. I love people (not just hair free people) and I want my clients to be happy. I wouldn’t do this if I wasn’t 100% willing to prove it. Come see me today.

5. I think 1-4 is enough reasons to call today and schedule your free consultation:)